Our Beneficiaries

London Boxing Academy

“Over many years the people behind KOKC have made substantial donations to the London Boxing Academy to enable us to run our gym which has 80 boxers a day using the facility and, as importantly, provide us with the funds to deliver educational and personal development programs within the community.”

Lansbury ABC

“The KOKC team play an instrumental role in supporting our annual black tie boxing dinners with the funds raised helping us keep our gym open and take 20 young boxers and trainers to Las Vegas. The trip to the USA drew a lot of attention to our club and in the 6 months following the training visit, attendance in our gym rose by 400%”.

Pedro Youth Club

“Our club is passionate about youth work and provides sports and musical facilities from our Hackney base. KOKC helped us at a time when we really needed them. We used the funds donated to clear debts, pay bills and renovate our headquarters. The support given to Pedro proved invaluable in helping us keep our doors open and giving many young people a place they look forward to going to while offering them support and guidance at a stage in their life when they face many important decisions.”

Times ABC

“Thanks to the kind support given to us by KOKC, we were able to take 20 of our members on a boxing trip to Tenerife. The trip provided several of the youth members with their first experience of going abroad while also rewarding many of our members for their hard work throughout the year.”

Boxing Futures

"Our services enable individuals to build empowering relationships, develop soft skills,
improve mental and physical wellbeing, desist from crime and anti-social behaviour
whilst also increasing confidence and motivation. This allows young people to move
forward into a positive future. We use this impact as a spring board into
re-engagement with education, volunteering and employment opportunities."